Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 Ways Physicians Can Use Social Media to Inform

Often I post about to a non-physician audience but this time I'm going to pull my "Physician Card" to make a public service annoucement for all the physician healers.
One of the biggest ways we can share life giving information with others is through social media sites.  I love reading about natural ways to cleanse my hair or detoxify my body.  We can find all kinds of information on the internet: some good some not so good.  But out of everything i come across on the internet the one thing that gets my undies in a bunch is physicians who don't know how to communicate with the public!!!  Arrrrggggggh!  What I decided to do is list the TOP 5 things physicians can do to help inform people.  
Tip #5: Avoid discounting other methods of healing.
Just because a way of healing is new to you doesn't make it less effective.  Western medicine has a way of brainwashing doctors into believing their way is the ONLY way.  Not so.  They are ancient traditional forms of medicine that patients incorporate in addition to allopathic medicine like massage and bone manipulations, oils and tinctures, supplements and diestary.  One of the most common practices of healing is through spiritual methods like prayer and shamanism.  As a physician healer your role is to help your social media audience and patients find wellness through whatever avenue they chose.        
Tip #4:  Choose Interesting Topics!
You may be the foremost researcher on mitochondiral dysfunction but if that doesn't interest your readers no one is going to read that article.  As a physician healer you must use your social media platform to inform and entertain.  In today's society with all the many platofrms people use to communicate if your topic is not interesting no one will read it.  End of discussion.

Tip #3: Less is More
People will give you a good four sentences before they move on to the next subject on their newsfeed.  I you're not talking about celebrity gossip, who won the last powerball or where to buy the diet pills at wholesale prices most people will tune you out.  Of course there is that dedicated group of followers who love reading your posts but even they deserve quick sound useful information.  The more concise you can make your message the more likely they are to read it and get something out of it.  Keep it short but don't sacrifice quality for a quick read.   Besides, you can always give them a way to contact you for more info on the subject.

Tip #2:  People Love Pictures
I know it sounds elementary but the more pictures you include in your feed the more likely readers will take a look.  One of the best ways to explain difficult concepts is in picture format.  For instance if you're teaching your reader the benefits of exercise instead of talking about lunges and burpies, show your reader a picture or video of someone doing the exercise.  You want to look online for graphics that support your article, blog or postings but be careful if you use a picture without crediting the source it may be considered a copyright infraction.  
Last but definitely NOT least: 
Tip #1: Keep Your Message Simple and Be Personable!
I know...  That's really two points but what can I say?  We all know you're brilliant and went to school more years than you wish to recount.  Your audience gets it.  What they won't get is you talking over their heads.  People love reading articles done by great thinkers but no one will get anything out of your message if it's written in medicalese!  Unless you are educating your readers on a particular subject where you give definitions save the medical terminology and multi syllable words for your colleagues not your blog posts or social media sites.  Lastly above all be personable.  The world already perceives physicians as know-it-all surgeons who run around in scrubs and protective gear all day.  No one wants to take advice from a smart 4 medical doctor who seems distant and aloof.  Let your readers know you care with your words.  Like they taught me in medical school: No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.    
Hope this helps some of my aspiring physician scribes. 
From the NBC Universal Odyssey Media Book Writer's Retreat~ Happy Writing!!!
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Keeping Up Appearances Not Just a British Sitcom

The beginning of 2016 has illuminated a number of things for me.  One is the value I place on authenticity in my relationships with friends.

During my three month hiatus from social media a number of friends reached out to me for emotional support.  Along with the routine feel good updates and sharing I also heard many stories of defeat, great losses, betrayal, deaths, infidelity and more.  We all need spaces free from Instagram selfies, meaningless tweets and Facebook posts.  I welcomed the moments of vulnerability with my friends especially since there are few places where we can set down our masks and be ourselves.  What disgusted me during those moments was the incongruence between their reality and their social media posts!

"What a minute!!! What is she posting about?" was the first thing that came to my mind for a number of them.  Like the next man I believe in declaring "better" over my life but to portray an image of "having it all together" when things are "utterly falling apart" is the epitome of inauthentic.

Stop living for the camera!
No judgement here.  None whatsoever.  I just implore humans to live in their truth versus creating a fairytale filled with unicorns, rainbows, mermaids and pots of gold.  I have been told the fullness of my imagination is right up there with the best fantasy writers but these imaginary lies I mean lives created on social media are a farce!

When I was in full time clinical practice I would say to my patients:
"It's difficult to heal what you conceal."     
I'd like to take credit for this thought but it's not mine to claim.  The very thought of us sharing our true stories leaves most people running for safety.

Our untruths about who we really are and what we are really experiencing remind me of the 90's British sitcom I love watching called "Keeping Up Appearances."  The sitcom follows the life of a pretentious middle class lady, Hyacinth Bucket, who insists on pronouncing her name bouquet. She is from a working class family but pretends she is a member of the aristocracy and belittles anyone who is not of her imagined social status.  (I've met my share of Hyacinths here in The States.)  Hyacinth goes through great lengths to hide her family from the public eye.  Her plans to distance herself from them are often thwarted by their zany antics.  She goes through great lengths to protect her social imagery ~ GREAT LENGTHS!!!  Hyacinth Bucket is a hoooooooot.   Crazy as a bat would be more descript!  But how many "Hyacinths" find themselves on social media talking about trips they have never taken, homes they have never owned or connections they have yet to make?  The pretension is nauseating!

At the root of our pandemic fa├žade is the fear of rejection.  Being rejected for who we really are.  It's so easy to don the appearance of "All is well" as you whither away on the inside.  It takes courage to BE YOU I mean the true you!!!  Allow others to see the true YOU - the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly...  They will either connect with you or remain distant but it's their choice.  Keeping up appearances starves the true us from ever living.

As you are forming goals and meeting challenges for 2016 I challenge you to reveal your TRUE SELF.  Stop hiding!      

Meet me on Instagram and Twitter @drjerispeaks.  Let the world know the real you!
Until next time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grinders Are Getting' It! Or are They?

Stop Striving!

I love to see how young entrepreneurs and business owners hustle to breathe life into their dreams.  The more time I spend around entrepreneurs the more I understand the importance of “unlearning” those work habits we learned in the corporate world.  Let me explain. 

In the corporate world people are “rewarded” for self-sacrifice, forfeiting their family’s needs, slaving and taking on project after project.  At least that’s the message your supervisor relays during your mid-year evaluation.  Have you ever heard comments like this?

“Sally, I know you have been working long hours and helping your teammates with their deadlines, but it would be nice if you showed more initiative and spoke-up during our office meetings. Think of ways to increase our bottom dollar here at the company.  That’s how you make yourself eligible for the year-end bonus.“

Even though Sally has been busting her butt on the job completing all the assignments given to her by her managers and supervisors she still hasn’t made the cut.  The work ethic she then develops is that of a Grinder.  You know the Grinder!  They arrive to work early and stay late.  You can often find them working on weekends when others are enjoying their time off. 

If that’s what you think it takes to “climb the ladder of success” then by all means be my guest.  However, that grinding mentality doesn’t enhance creativity when you are an entrepreneur. Nor does it generate more revenue.  Grinders are just that, low level grunt men who hustle to get things done only for “upper management” to be rewarded for their division’s success.  Think about it!! 

As the entrepreneur you are the visionary, representative and creative force behind your company.  Ideas and creative flow are hindered when you're busy hustling and striving.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying you don’t have to do anything to generate revenue, but striving is different from a strong work ethic. 

Striving; the act of making a great effort to obtain something; to fight vigorously or struggle. 

All strife is rooted in fear.  Fear has the power to kill any dream you may have.  Even the smallest pinch of struggle in any endeavor hinders its Divine Flow; at some point we need to release effort and allow things to unfold.  Let go of the grind.  The next time you notice yourself striving and struggling to make your dreams a reality, stop.  As entrepreneurs the earliest lesson you can learn is:

“Things that are meant to be will be! 
Work in excellence.  
Be authentic!!! 
Be the best version of yourself.
Trust that all things are working in your favor."    

Stop grinding!  There are only two things people like ground and one of them is coffee.  (lol)

Until next time!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders

We ask God for signs when we need to make life changing decisions but because we are so busy with other things we often miss the message.  Recently I was in Destin, Florida to speak at a business conference for young entrepreneurs and business owners.   

Before my trip I had planned on spending most of my time on the beach.   I don’t know if you are aware but the beach is one of my favorite places on earth.  My creativity is heightened, my skin becomes clearer and my concerns are released with each wave that heads back to the ocean. 

After landing I got the car rental and noticed with each mile I drove it was as if I was dodging butterflies.  At first there were one or two butterflies that danced in front of the car.  The closer I got to the hotel the more butterflies I noticed.  Two and three quickly turned into tens of butterflies fluttering all over the place.   

I noticed the butterflies but didn’t quite slow my mind down enough to really notice the butterflies.  In fact there were so many that I asked one of the ladies on the beach if that destination was a butterfly sanctuary.  Based on her response she hadn’t slowed down enough to really notice them either. 

I sat there and asked, “God, what are you showing me?”  

Butterflies for me represent a rebirthing, new beginnings, freedom, creativity and lightheartedness.  I could see that the previous months of shedding were now yielding themselves to the newness.  I could see new relationships emerging, new ideas surfacing.  What a great time to be experiencing manifested promises in my life.  I’m so glad I didn’t quit during my chrysalis phase.  This emergence is going to be magnificent!!! Keep watching. 

Pay attention to the signs in your life.  Everything means something.  Don’t miss the message. 


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