Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Be so Hard on Yourself!

GITK Teens,
Do you sometimes find it easier to forgive others than you do yourself?
Are you too hard on yourself when you make a mistake?

In life it is possible to experience so much hardship until we become beat down by everyday situations...  The last thing we need to do is beat ourselves into the ground.  When you feel less accepting of yourself or your actions I want you to try this mental exercise:

Have you ever heard the word "affrimation?"  Affirmation describes the process of declaring support for something or someone.

Find the closest mirror and look at your reflection without judgement or criticism...  Just take a long look at yourself.  Sure there are things you need to improve upon, but in this moment I want you to affirm (declare support for) yourself.  You're always looking in the mirror anyway, now you can do someting productive as oppose to "picking yourself apart."

Look into the mirror and tell yourself the following:

"You may think there's a lot wrong with you, but I know there's a lot RIGHT with you."

Self-affirmation opens your mind to the possibilities of an improved life without being so pessimistic about where you are currently. 
I want you to tell yourself this everyday for the next 20 days (sometimes it takes a bit longer for your mind to believe the words you speak about yourself.)
Try it!!


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