Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Not Dead!

GITK Family,

I was at an event a few weeks back and the event planners had purchased hundreds of tulips for the centerpieces. At the end of the event the tulips were bent over hanging down the sides of the vases dying so the staff decided to throw them away.

Tulips by the bunches were being trashed. There had to be over 50 bunches each with 8-10 tulips in a bunch.
My mom, never the one to throw things away, took a handful of tulips home clipped the ends and sat them in some water. The next day those same flowers were standing up tall and looking vibrant!

"Oh how I wish I had grabbed more flowers. Those tulips weren't dying they didn't know what to do with them!" were my mom's words.

Sometimes in life people want to throw you away and say you're worthless because in their eyes you're dying. You're not dying. They just don't know what to do with you. In the right hands you will come back to life and you will LIVE AGAIN!

Drink up...
(Drink from the well that never runs dry)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Come Out of Your Box!

Cramped up like sardines in a can...

Many of us have gone through life being boxed in by man's opinions, rules, ideas, judgements and limitations for so long that we start to adopt the limits they place upon us as absolute rule.  We have been told to

Love in the box.

Dance in the box.

Worship in the box.

Live in the box.

Whatever you do, do it in the box!

But can you ever truly live...  I mean really LIVE inside a box?

Life's experiences teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and about those we allow around us.

Today and every day after, I choose to BREAK OUT of the BOX!


Hiiiii.. Yaaaahhhhh!!!


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