Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Too Many Thoughts to Process

There are a million thoughts going through my mind...
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thoughts of black boys being murdered
thoughts of disunity
thoughts of disconnected Blacks, disconnected Whites, disconnected parents, disconnected kids
thoughts of people pouring ice water over their heads without knowledge of the disease they are raising money for
thoughts of frustration....


thoughts of peace

thoughts of unity
thoughts of love
thoughts of celebration
thoughts of equality


thoughts of dis-ease
thoughts of health
thoughts of my ancestors
thoughts of change
thoughts of fear

thoughts of new beginnings
thoughts of healing
thoughts of life

thoughts of love
thoughts of love
thoughts of haaaaa.....

thoughts of love
thoughts of love

thoughts of love
thoughts of love...  love... love... love... loooooooooove...

(think with me)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

True Freedom Starts on the Inside

Life up to this point has absolutely been wonderful for me but recent circumstances have led me to ponder if I'm really utilizing all that life has to offer me.  Like so many others I found myself so consumed with obligations, work and the routines of life that I seldom asked myself:

"Jeri, is this all you desire from life?"
"Is there more for you that you have not taped into?"
"If you knew you would not fail what would you do today, right now, in this moment?"
"What can you allow in that would enhance your life?"

Yes, sometimes we can become so ambitious with chasing a vision that our entire existence becomes "chasing a vision."  That is not what I'm referring to here. 

Sculpture on 16th & Vine in Philadelphia

At this time in my life, in this very moment, I have made a decision to maximize my life.  I am choosing NOW to live life to the fullest!  No longer relegating myself to other's expectations, other's requirements and checklists.  No!  This time around I'm repainting MY picture.  Regardless of who else comes along.  I choose to live an exuberant, exciting, stimulating and spiritually expanded life.  Not sometime in the near future but now!    I'm granting myself FREEDOM to come out of the MOLD of restriction.  So often we allow others to create a picture for our lives when they haven't fully maximized their own life.

Break FREE from the world's mold

During a recent trip to Accra, Ghana West Africa my family and I toured the slave castles where millions of slaves were sent from West Africa to The Islands, Europe and The Americas.  Millions!!!  As I was listening to our guide Morgan Mensa I couldn't help but think about how much things have NOT changed.  Even in 2014 things have not progressed that much.  Not to negate all of the sacrifices made by my forefathers but I tend to believe somewhere deep within me that we can BE much better than we are currently.  

Door of No Return, Ghana 2014
Elmina Castle in Ghana, 2014

Sure humans at large have made some strides in life but things continue to be unequal.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the mental and emotional effects of slavery on today's society.  The dehumanization of ethnic groups continues to keep many people, not just African descendants in a mental "self-containment pattern."  I see it in my every day dealings with people.  I have decided to change things for myself.  Instead of fighting a group of people to allow me to fully live in a nation that my forefathers helped design, create and build I have decided to internally free myself.  Yes!!  I'm freeing myself.  Each of us has been given the keys to unlock every doorway leading to a better life for us and the generations that follow.  

Others may be comfortable in the box but not you.

When you make the decision to live a better life don't expect others to cheer you on.  In many cases those around you will fear your new gesture towards freedom and say all manner of things to keep you at the same place.  Don't listen to them.  Yes, they love you but fear has kept many of us in very uncomfortable positions for way too long.  When you seem to lose your way or want to turn back DON'T.  Brace yourself. Ask God for the courage to continue towards a better life. And above all, STAND firm in your decision to BE better, LIVE better and DO better!  It's your birthright!!

Your sister on a great journey.
No turning back!  


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