Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Flirting Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Hello, Men!!
I gave you all a few weeks to forward my last blog to all of your estranged exes, the "crazy girls" lurking in the bushes, and the other women who insist on winning your heart! But this week it's all about you: The MEN!!!

I have a few male friends who repeatedly find themselves in relationships with what they call "crazy women!"  They say these women...
~stalk them
~show up at their jobs unexpectedly
~call them incessantly
~get mad when the fellas don't call them back
~text them a million times in one day
~go around telling other people the two of them are together
~threaten other women who may show the slightest interest in these guys...

To that I say, "Hmmmmm..."

I am quite familiar with clingly women however men need to be honest and shed a little light on the things you do to invite such behavior from women.  I am clear there are women who don't seem to take a smooth let down; we aren't speaking of that here.  This blog is about the male flirter gone wrong.

Gentlemen, please stop leading these ladies to believe there is something more between the two of you when there isn't.  For some strange reason men have a difficult time being honest and straight forward with women.  Maybe there is this Man's-Guide-to-Charming-Women that says "Keep all communication with the woman-species vague and obsure as this will enhance the possibility of your platonic relationship shifting into a sexual one should you decide to proceed in the future."

What in the WORLD?  Men, please stop inappropriately engaging women in hours upon hours of conversation about what you like, what you would like to do if you were in a romantic relationship and how you have just gotten over your ex-girlfriend now you think you're ready to date...  When you're talking like this to a woman who thinks she may have the slightest chance with you, she will jump all over your words and fast forward to "...And they lived happily ever after..."

I cannot begin to tell you of the close encounters of a strange kind men have had because they live in a world where obscurantism is sensual, thrilling even invigorating to them.  If a woman did this to a guy some men would consider her a tease. - (tease: someone who is vaguely sexually suggestive towards another   only to slam on breaks when those advances are reciprocated.)

Flirting and engaging can be fun.  I'm not asking you to avoid complimenting women.   I'm just saying don't start down lover's lane cooing & catering to her only to become surprised when you find out she's into you.  Place some boundaries on what you do and what you say.
I know plenty of men who get a thrill in dropping suggestive hints, making obscure statements with sexual undertones and standing by watching the women they taunt try to understand their innuendoes.
In your mind you feel like your flirtation and subtle compliments make a woman feel special about herself.

Well, you might be right.  But at the end of it all when you wake up and find key scratches in your car door, or it's not so cool.  Valentine's Day is quickly approaching - don't start anything you can't finish.  Remember, flirting with the wrong person can be hazardous to your health.  Be Safe!


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