Monday, July 27, 2015

My Juicy Journey

Oh how I missed blogging with you all.  So many wonderful things have been happening to me the past few weeks.  

A friend recently asked me what has been going on.  He noticed a change in the way I "showed up" in the wold. I had to tell him, "It's the afterglow of my juicy journey. hahahaha"

A few years ago I joined a group of women who called themselves Juicy Butterflies.  Our lead butterly, LaTonia encouraged us to live life to the fullest and from that point I decided to LIVE!!
Traveling along this enlightened journey helped me get a new perspective on LIVING. As a black woman I was trained to:
Be TWICE as good as anyone else.
CONSIDER everyone but myself.
WORK HARD for what I want.
FIGHT for what I need.
EARN a good living through BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS.
Yes, that was the theme of the day everyday for many black women:

 "Be a strong, Black, independent woman!!"

What a crock pot full of slow cooked  death.  No thank, you. I'll pass on that meal!

It wasn't until I embarked upon this Juicy Spirit journey (the name of the class) that I was rebirthed into a world of pleasure, bliss and joy along with the other butterflies!  I'll gladly take "seconds" on a meal like this!!

For once in my life as a black woman I was given permission to

LAUGH often (and REST in the JOY)...
PLAY harder...
LOVE  fiercely...
EXPLORE the world...
And my biggest lesson of them all has been the Art of Allowing. 

Allow relationships
Allow healing
Allow abundance
Allow passion

Find my BLISS place and set up house there...  

I encourage you to experience a new journey to your bliss place.  Be on the lookout for my upcoming announcement!  Here's a hint: Coming to a city near you!!

Until next we meet I'll be preparing my plate for more yumminess to come!!  

Here's to heart warming smiles, sweet kisses and deep belly laughter from my world to yours!!!  Stay tuned I have a surprise gift for you all at my website:

Dr. Jeri
President, CEO
Dyson Consultants Worldwide, LLC
"Helping Others Passionately Pursue Purpose one global citizen at a time."


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