Monday, September 28, 2015


Yours truly was awarded the "2015 Flourish Entrepreneur of the Year Award"

This past week I was honored by Dr. Rachel Talton, Founder of Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership. Flourish means to prosper, thrive, bloom or be in health - all the things I desire to exude. This award was a TOTAL surprise!!! I was completely clueless until they called my name and started reading my bio. The amazing part is that September 30th marks the first year of full entrepreneurship for me and it has been an eye-opener to say the least.  

Remember last year this time when I blogged about my Leap of Faith? I have received numerous awards but this one touched me for a number of reasons. To be sitting in a room full of fantastic women and be honored set my heart on fire and rekindled my desire to soar!!!  

When I look at the award there are two things that come to mind:

A tear drop and a raindrop!!!
I heard God say "For each Tear you cried and every moment you wanted to quit I took notice of you and bottled it up. And for your perseverance I am rewarding you for they that sow in tears reap in joy!"
Then my attention was brought to the raindrop and how each drop creates a ripple effect in a body of water. God was showing me how effective my one drop of purpose in the earth creates a ripple for me and others to live their fullest lives ever! Now that's thriving.

Thank you, Dr. Rachel Talton for noting my work!!!!!! And thank you to every person who takes time to read my posts, blogs and books! Our movement forward helps the world change into a better place.  

From this point forward I vow to flourish in every area of my life! Are you with me?


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