Friday, February 1, 2013

Happiness is Making Another Smile!!

Today I was typing up some patient notes and I happened to look down at my wrist.   I had on two of my 16 year old niece's support bracelets.  I don't think I've updated my GITK family on Kaylyn's progress since sharing her diagnosis of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes.)

Last week she FaceTimed me with great news.  She went in for a PET scan and there were no traces of cancer.  She's finishing her last courses of chemo this week.  We are all happy about that.

On my office desk I have these Happiness Cards.  I make my team members pull a card when they're having a "I'm-about-to-slap-the-taste-outta-somebody's-mouth" kinda day.  (I think I'm running out of cards... LOL)  Each card has a message on it about Happiness.  Well today I pulled a card right before lunch and this is what it read:  "When we actively appreciate the people around us, we feel better about ourselves."

Hmmm, that's true because Kaylyn's mom sent me a picture of her in the hospital room two days ago.  It brought a smile to my face because she was asleep wrapped in the blanket I gave her.

For Christmas I bought all of the kids (really teenagers) these wonderful blankets I refer to as our healing blankets.  They are EXTRA soft and I used one during my recovery period.  It's like we have our own special group because we are the only one's in the family with these blankets!  Everybody has their own special color and pattern - it's corny and cool at the same time.  

Next time you find yourself feeling low try making someone else happy.  I'm certain your happiness is right around the corner!  Have a fantastic weekend!  See you soon.


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