Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Waste the Wisdom

Recently while reading a magazine I came across this poignant letter from Dr. Robin L. Smith entitled: Kneeling at the Feet of Wisdom.

This letter made me think about the wisdom shared with me by my elders. On this last day of February I wanted to send love to those men and women who took me into their homes and offices and spoke into my PERSON, not my career, not my ambitions or goals...  They spoke to my HUMANity.   Some well known others more obscure. 

Women like Penelope Green who showed me unconditional LOVE and kindness EVERY day.   Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagan whose words of wisdom weren't comprehended until my late 30's.  Dr. Stanley (Prinscella) L. Evans who was skilled enough to teach me life lessons as we worked for HOURS mixing chemical agents in the name of cancer research.  Elders like Dr. Natalia Tanner,  Edna Dancil and Dr. Dorothy L. Brown brought me into their homes, fed me and poured wisdom into me.  Dr. Lynn Smitherman who taught me how to fight effectively and never take no for an answer.  Even though these men and women made outstanding national and international accomplishments we seldom talked career talk... Only LIFE LESSONS.  I would realize later in life (much later) the importance of those intimate exchanges.  It wasn't until some of them were deceased that I realized how influential they were in medicine, science, politics, global health, community care...    

These are just a FEW of the heroes/sheroes that helped shape me as a HUMAN.  They challenged me to go farther and do better for the next generations.  Dr. Smith's letter should encourage each of us, young and old, to implement words of wisdom from our elders throughout our lives. 

GITK Family, go farther and do better!  Make this the best week of your life. 

Kneeling At The Feet of Wisdom
I am reminded that we must know at whose feet to kneel and who is unworthy of that sacred position of humility and honor. After kneeling at the feet of elders in the hills of west Africa. When I stood up it was with wisdom, power, more love, a greater belief in who I am... a clarity of identity, a sense of an authentic self. Be careful to whom you bow...MAKE SURE they are worthy of that sacred position and gift. I learned this lesson the painful way.
Let Wisdom be your eternal guide!


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