Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Does a GREAT Mother Look Like?

GITK Teens,
I have heard many of you complain about your mother treating you like a kid.  As you mature there will be times you're made to feel like your mother is getting in your business.  I have one small piece of advice for you.  I understand that your independence at this stage of life is paramount but you have to give your parents enough evidence to persuade them you have gained a right to more independence.

When your mom has to remind you over and over to complete chores, keep up with assignments, clean up after yourself, bath or brush your teeth daily, it makes them think you're not as self reliant as you claim.

It is a mother's job to:

  •   Read your Facebook posts, Tweets, and look on to see who your "friends & followers" are  
  •   Check your text messages if they are concerned "something's not quite right"
  •   Scrutinize your friends to make certain you're hanging around some good people
  •   Invade your space (room) and go through your things (Yes, they are looking for drugs and condoms)
  •   Put you in your place when you forget she's your mother and NOT your girlfriend (I don't know who you think you're talking to)
  •   Involve your father or other adult family members in your private business when they can't get through to you
  •   Provide a SAFE place for you to grow up in (but we don't always have total control over that)
  •   Correct you when you are Out of Order
  •   Let you feel the brunt of bad decisions
  •   Cheer for you when you do well! (I know she can be the loudest one at the game but you gotta give it to her... She's a proud mother.)
  •   Brag to all of her friends in your earshot of how wonderfully you are doing

Be warned: a GREAT mother who is doing her job will "get on your nerves" but trust me when you get older you will look back and appreciate their parenting.  I know it sounds strange but you'll see what I'm saying one day.

To all the outstanding mothers who are raising spectacular kids I salute you on this and EVERYday!  Happy Mother's day.


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