Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Summertime! Get Outside

Hello, GITK Family!!

I have missed you.  I decided to drop you a love note on this hot June day!

One of my girlfriends and I were chatting about how empty the streets look:
"It's Summertime.  Where are all the kids?"

I remember when we would play outside ALLLLLLL day.  We would play so hard until we were afraid to come inside for lunch.  Every mother fussed about us letting the air conditioning out each time we came in to use the bathroom, get some water or grab a band-aid.  I can still hear every woman in our family saying, "You all are gonna either be OUTside or stay INside.  The next time you come in it's for GOOD!"  I can recall it like it was yesterday.  Us outside dehydrated with full bladders afraid to come inside.

We would go from double dutch, to "Simon Says."  I remember playing Dodgeball, "Red light/ Green light," and roller-skating on the sidewalks until the street lights came on.  (The rule was: Be IN the house BEFORE the street lights come on!)

Now with younger kids at soccer and basketball camps and older teens working or taking Summer courses its not that easy to find kids up and down the block.  I guess those lazy days of Summer are gone but they don't have to be.  Try to spend at least two weeks simply relaxing.  Some of you work so hard during the school year that any short break is welcomed.  I'm not suggesting that you sit around the house and vegetate.  Read that relaxing book you always wanted to check out.  Maybe you can learn a new skill like tennis, painting, golf, music, swimming...  Whatever you choose it doesn't have to cost a lot of money just be certain its something fun and exciting that will keep you active this Summer.

Have fun.  Be safe and I promise not to stay away so long!


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