Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keep Floating, Jeri! Keep Floating!!

GITK Family,
have you ever had one of those days that would have been "The Day from Hell" had God not given you the grace to float through it?!!  

Well for me, TODAY was that day!  (I kept looking at my jellyfish...)

It started out with an early morning call from an irritated mother.   This mom was FURIOUS to put it mildly.

The only thing I remember saying to get the party started was, "Hello, this is Dr. Dyson..."

She took it from there:  "DOC-TAH DIE-son!!
You saw my son on yesterday!  And I need to know WHY---"

(I heard a still small voice say, "Let her talk.  Don't take anything she's saying personal.  Simply help her get the answers to her questions.")

Okay... (flesh dying)
"Ummm hmmm....  Yes...   yes... ..." (flesh dying some more)
5 minutes later...
(Watch your tone, Jeri.  Don't interrupt her.)  She was talking so loudly the other doctors could hear her through the phone.  By this point in the conversation- I'm chilling with a huge smile on my face because I can sense there are other components to her frustration. None of them related to me.
 2 minutes later...
(Remember it's not personal...)  "Ma'am, this is what happened yesterday..."

1 minute later...

Ohhhhhhh my! This was ALL a big misunderstanding!
I'm sorry Dr. Jeri...
I haven't gotten ANY sleep...
I have another sick child at home....
I have a deadline at work that is quickly approaching...
And HE didn't explain it like you just did!  That all makes sense.
I've been going on and on...
Thanks for listening.

No problem.  Glad I could help you.  (spiritual wipe down) *click*

That was just the beginning of a series of misfortunate events for today...
So glad I'm floating....
As my friend says, 'On to the next!' 

Today was a good day!

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