Monday, April 13, 2015

Reignite Your Dreams!!

Have You allowed your dreams to die?  Do you feel like it's too late in life to accomplish what's really in your heart? Well it's NOT too late!!

It's alright to dream.  In fact I encourage you to dream!

Recently I posted the above video of a woman in Texas who has a 3,000 square foot closet.  The closet is three levels and full of the finest garments, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

My intention in posting the video was to encourage women to dream about more.

Her closet was definitely larger than most people's houses but hey, it's what she likes and who am I to say what she can and cannot have?  That's not my place.  Listen, you may never want a closet that big. I just wanted to show people the possibilities.  Honey, some of these folks were NOT ready!!!
In my intention to stimulate people's imaginations I immediately started receiving such comments as:

That's too much!  She is ridiculous!!!

I'm concerned about her spiritual stand with God.

Too many possessions is sin.

I would never have a closet that big with all the homeless people in this world! 

What?!!  People, you're missing the point!  They questioned the woman's spiritual position, her morals and even her stand with God.  Really?  The balance in dreaming is that we need to be ready for more yet grateful for what we currently have.

The comments became so much about their personal preferences being placed on that particular woman that it led to a debate about God's desires for people and overindulgence.

They missed the entire purpose of the post.  I nicely went through the feed since it had taken a "hard left" (another term for off the subject) and deleted all comments about God and God's plan for those with money... The essence of their comments was "If a person has money they clearly are not in a close relationship with God."  Now if I were to interpret their comments as the expression of the negative root emotional relationship they have with money/abundance they would automatically deny it because it sounds judgmental when it's placed before you so plainly.

What was even more shocking is that the very people who judged this lady based on a 3-minute showcase video are the same ones who believe God has divine plans for them that include wealth, abundance and more.

Not judging simply reflecting some root areas within us that must be honestly dealt with before we can truly walk into the life we have been believing for for soooooooo many years.  I leave you with this one phrase I always share with my friends: "YOU CAN NOT HAVE WHAT YOU DESPISE."

Many people will have to sit with this post for a minute and examine their own hearts.  For once I'm asking you to truly examine your relationship with abundance/money before you comment about this post.  I may respond and I may not... But this is one space where you are free to express your view and it will NOT be deleted.

I encourage you to dream.  Or as my business coach Zenovia Andrews says, "Dare to Dream!"  It doesn't hurt you in the least to envision a brighter, wealthier, more spiritual life than the one you have currently.

It is not sin to attain wealth.
It is alright to dream!
It is your birthright to possess everything that belongs to you!

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Until next time.  Be Awesome!

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