Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grinders Are Getting' It! Or are They?

Stop Striving!

I love to see how young entrepreneurs and business owners hustle to breathe life into their dreams.  The more time I spend around entrepreneurs the more I understand the importance of “unlearning” those work habits we learned in the corporate world.  Let me explain. 

In the corporate world people are “rewarded” for self-sacrifice, forfeiting their family’s needs, slaving and taking on project after project.  At least that’s the message your supervisor relays during your mid-year evaluation.  Have you ever heard comments like this?

“Sally, I know you have been working long hours and helping your teammates with their deadlines, but it would be nice if you showed more initiative and spoke-up during our office meetings. Think of ways to increase our bottom dollar here at the company.  That’s how you make yourself eligible for the year-end bonus.“

Even though Sally has been busting her butt on the job completing all the assignments given to her by her managers and supervisors she still hasn’t made the cut.  The work ethic she then develops is that of a Grinder.  You know the Grinder!  They arrive to work early and stay late.  You can often find them working on weekends when others are enjoying their time off. 

If that’s what you think it takes to “climb the ladder of success” then by all means be my guest.  However, that grinding mentality doesn’t enhance creativity when you are an entrepreneur. Nor does it generate more revenue.  Grinders are just that, low level grunt men who hustle to get things done only for “upper management” to be rewarded for their division’s success.  Think about it!! 

As the entrepreneur you are the visionary, representative and creative force behind your company.  Ideas and creative flow are hindered when you're busy hustling and striving.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying you don’t have to do anything to generate revenue, but striving is different from a strong work ethic. 

Striving; the act of making a great effort to obtain something; to fight vigorously or struggle. 

All strife is rooted in fear.  Fear has the power to kill any dream you may have.  Even the smallest pinch of struggle in any endeavor hinders its Divine Flow; at some point we need to release effort and allow things to unfold.  Let go of the grind.  The next time you notice yourself striving and struggling to make your dreams a reality, stop.  As entrepreneurs the earliest lesson you can learn is:

“Things that are meant to be will be! 
Work in excellence.  
Be authentic!!! 
Be the best version of yourself.
Trust that all things are working in your favor."    

Stop grinding!  There are only two things people like ground and one of them is coffee.  (lol)

Until next time!

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