Monday, November 2, 2015

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders

We ask God for signs when we need to make life changing decisions but because we are so busy with other things we often miss the message.  Recently I was in Destin, Florida to speak at a business conference for young entrepreneurs and business owners.   

Before my trip I had planned on spending most of my time on the beach.   I don’t know if you are aware but the beach is one of my favorite places on earth.  My creativity is heightened, my skin becomes clearer and my concerns are released with each wave that heads back to the ocean. 

After landing I got the car rental and noticed with each mile I drove it was as if I was dodging butterflies.  At first there were one or two butterflies that danced in front of the car.  The closer I got to the hotel the more butterflies I noticed.  Two and three quickly turned into tens of butterflies fluttering all over the place.   

I noticed the butterflies but didn’t quite slow my mind down enough to really notice the butterflies.  In fact there were so many that I asked one of the ladies on the beach if that destination was a butterfly sanctuary.  Based on her response she hadn’t slowed down enough to really notice them either. 

I sat there and asked, “God, what are you showing me?”  

Butterflies for me represent a rebirthing, new beginnings, freedom, creativity and lightheartedness.  I could see that the previous months of shedding were now yielding themselves to the newness.  I could see new relationships emerging, new ideas surfacing.  What a great time to be experiencing manifested promises in my life.  I’m so glad I didn’t quit during my chrysalis phase.  This emergence is going to be magnificent!!! Keep watching. 

Pay attention to the signs in your life.  Everything means something.  Don’t miss the message. 

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