Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 in One Word

Happy New Year!!!

My girlfriend Rachel challenged our sister circle to narrow down our expectations for the 2013 New Year to one foundational word...  Not a mission statement or a purpose letter - because that's what I usually do every year and by the time I'm done I have at least 20 pages of statements, plans, goals, target dates...  (I normally begin my new year every October because spiritually that's when I notice "the shift" taking place for me.)

On this challenge we weren't even allowed to write a sentence.  She challenged us each to choose ONE FOUNDATIONAL WORD to describe how 2013 would look for us.  I chose my word but I'm not letting you in on it.  I wanna see if you can look at my life from this point forward and guess the word I selected.

Maybe I'll share my word at the end of 2013 but hopefully by then it will be obvious!  Yes, indeed!!

Here is my challenge to you, GITK Family...
Select your word...
Just ONE word...
And watch as the world unfolds like a beautiful flower before your very eyes to make your thoughts reality.
Enjoy this year and be fully present in 2013!!  I Love you and be safe!!

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