Thursday, December 27, 2012


The kids in my life make me smile from a place so deep within my soul... 
I can't begin to tell you how simply wonderful they are.  

I received a phone call from my girlfriend.  She was calling so I could speak to my goddaughter who was 5 at the time, "I've been trying to convince her that you are her godmother but she doesn't believe me!"  

Why doesn't she believe you?

"I don't know... She keeps saying 'If Auntie Jeri is my god mommy how come I never saw her wings before?'"

(...pause - hard swallow)

Tell her I have them folded under my clothes.

Her response from my godchild, "Tell her I want to SEE them.  Not under her clothes but I want to see them."

Oh well... 
I guess I have been hiding for waaaaay too long.  
It's time for me to unfold my wings... 
Stretch my arms out really wide like I'm hugging God... 
Take a leap of faith and FLY!!!!

(If this post scares you, you'll be ok. hahahahahaha... If you're still trying to figure out what I'm talking about go back to sleep - you'll see soon enough.)

Laughing all the way to True Joy.  See ya in the sky!! (it's sooooo beautiful up here....  aaaaahhhhh....)

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