Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This has been one conclusion to 2012!  I know this is a strange Christmas Post but I'm like Diane Reeves "I just wanna testify...  Amazing Grace it saved my life!"

A few days before I headed to the hospital to have surgery I got a call from my Charlotte family.  We had been back and forth on the phone for weeks trying to figure out why my 16 year old niece was itching from head to toe.  I just thought she was stressed out with her new school but I make it a habit not to "play doctor" with my family over the phone line.  Her mom would attempt to describe to me just how miserable Kaylyn had become with the itching.   By now she had seen 5 different doctors who prescribed her pills, creams, ointments, body soaks...  You name it, she had it.

There I was getting ready for surgery replaying the last conversation my doctor and I had in his office:

"In addition to the tumors we know about the radiologist and I saw something else on your MRI..." 
Something else?  Something like what? 
"I can't be certain what it is until we get inside." Dr. George was his regular cool calm and collected self.  His mannerisms reminding me of Sidney Poitier head to toe - they even have the same thick Bahamian accent.
Determined to get an answer I jump in again, "Well what do you think it is?  Does it look like...  Canc..." 
"Leeeeet's not put a name to it since I can't be certain until we go inside..."

The phone rings pulling me back into my home.  It's my other frister (a friend who is as close as a sister without biological connectedness) on the phone.  "Hey, J.  They admitted Kaylyn into the hospital today.  They plan on putting a port-a-cath into her and starting chemo in the next few days..."

Waaa waaaii wait!!  What?" (My mind is racing - chemo for itchy skin.)  "What is going on?"

In her New Orleans accent Joslyn was firing off information so quickly I didn't have time to question her, "Kay was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).  They plan on keeping her in and starting the first course of chemo.  She'll probably be there for a few weeks.  She's in good spirits. We're all fine.  We take turns but for the most part we're fine!  Your niece Kaylyn is amazing.  The kids have been in her room praying and sharing healing scriptures.   But we'll keep Mema (my mother) posted, you just focus on you right now.  We'll call the house later to check on you.  Don't worry about Kay.  We're all praying for you.  You goin' be fine.  And Kaylyn's goin' be fine!!"

She was right!  It's been three weeks and we're all fine.  That's not to say this journey is over... In fact This Could be the Start of Something BIG!!!!!  Stay Tuned...

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